API, custom clients and monetization

If I want to make a standalone client for OGS and monetize it with ads, will OGS charge a % of my revenue or is it “free”?

If I want to also add premium support, can I expand on the existing one? For example, for those who bought “premium access” here (on the original website) would get benefits in my app, specific to my app as well. Is this possible?

Lastly, how often does the api change? Does it have backwards compatibility with the previous versions?

Excuse me if I’ve got the category wrong.


Basically the rule of thumb is if it’s a hobby level thing and you’re just covering some minor expenses (and not putting an abnormal amount of load on the servers), then we don’t need to take a cut and it’s “free”, but if ou’re going to make a serious interface and monetize it for real, which is sounds like that’s what you have in mind, then yes we’ll want a cut for operating the server side and we can talk about API stability and deprecation schedules and give you some guarantees around that and whatnot. Shoot us an email at anoek@online-go.com and matburt@online-go.com and we can talk about what you have in mind and figure out a revenue split that makes sense.

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