Apiary base URL outdated

Hi, I am trying to make a client, and when I tried to use your Apiary documentation system to test out the APIs, I get “301 Moved Permanently” as the response. It looks like your server now requires HTTPS, but your Apiary base URL is HTTP, so none of the API calls work in the samples or console views.

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I recommend not using those samples anyway. They’re ok to get an idea of how to make an API call, but they’re usually not particularly efficient.

I think API documents are outdated. use https instead of http.
In addition to that, I found the sgf API url is not working either. This leaves me to think that
API function may not be well tested. I am working on python API, I wonder if there is anyone working on it already previously.

I’ve definitely retrieved SGFs with the API. In fact, I contributed a fix to one of Anoek’s scripts that does just that on Github.

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