App for exploring positions

Is there a mobile app where you can setup a position and play it through, buy manually placing the stones ?

I want to look at mistakes I make in games and explore moves.

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You can do this on the web with OGS demo.

Chose tools/demo board in the menu

I agree it’s not an app… But opening my browser isn’t a problem to me. Furthermore you can create on your “desktop” a direct link to the OGS webpage much like an app shortcut.

Finally if you use the OGS app in which you can’t edit your games, you’ll find all of them on the website (in your profile) so you even don’t need to create a demo, just open one and edit it directly.

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Hactar is pretty good, altought it costs few bucks ^^

But you can also use OGS’s demo boards on your mobile, its great way to record your games and analyse those, and you can then find those recordings / reviews on your OGS profile under “Reviews and Demos”

If by “mobile” you mean “Android”, there’s gobandroid, though it’s a few years old.

I find that it still works ok, except for some problems when placing stones in the corners (but I don’t think this is bitrot, it was always there).


I wonder if there is an app where you can practice defending a territory from invasion where the app depends and then Maybe swap over and you have to defend against a territory invasion.

I don’t know how easy that will be. Especially at higher levels of play, an “invasion” may turn out as some sort of trade where several miai situations occur and the defender has to choose whether to take the tail of the invasion with good aji or try to kill it whole with bad aji.

And ofcourse the score situation matters as well in such situations. Do you think you’re leading and you can afford to play safe and perhaps lose a few points, or do you feel you’e behind and you need to take risks?

These sort of decisions can be some of the hardest things in a game of go.

One thing you can do is if you set up a demo board, or have a game in mind that was uploaded or played on OGS, you can fork it and challenge on of the bots, e.g. Katago micro.

Then you can choose to play as either colour, but no guarantee that the bot will be forced to try the invasion, unless maybe you fudge the komi so they have to or lose.