Are influence players stronger, weaker or equal in 9x9 games


i consider myself a infuence oriented player. Or to some extent a boxer.
I have noticed not only in ogs in general i am a bit stronger on 9x boards. Which wonders me because a smaller board means influnce is less of an factor in winning
Is it because influnce players a more prepared in fighting or an I de exeption because i tend to box more?

My gut feeling is the opposite, i feel like territorial players might be bit better off on smaller boards.

I guess the main thing is counting, 9x9 boards are easier/faster to count that bigger boards, so people who usually count points while playing can faster recognise when they are in winning position.

But thats just my own subjective feeling based on the games i’ve played myself, maybe others feel something entirely different ^^

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That’s an interesting question. Does the size of the board make it easier to push into fighting? I don’t think so.

I consider myself a more territory oriented player, and I think it serves me well in small board games. (But not by much - 6k 9x9, 5k 13x13, 6.3k 19x19)

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I expect the main factor is people who play lots of 9x9 are relatively better at it.


Well… what else could you do on a 9x9?
Territoriali play on a 9x9 is failed: just splitting territory isn’t enough for black to win.
In other words: “Komi is a b!%ch” (quoted from 81 little lions).

So I’d say: definitely 9x9 games are prone to fighting. At least within players that already know this issue. :smiley:

I think that more territorial players get better results with with white (who has komi and has to keep the advantage) while more ‘aggressive’ players are better off with black (who has to recover komi).
I find myself much better off with black :sweat_smile:


I didn’t even notice that “territory” and “fighting” could be two different strategies on 9x9.

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Even on a 9.9 opening with a 3.4 or with a 4.4 looks to me different ways but i am not very qualified to status on that (territory vs influence)

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Do you think it does make a rank difernce like being 6k with white but eg 4k with black on 9x9.
On site note would be interesting o see this in profile

In my opinion it can happen in some cases, but it depends on the player.

Here are my 9x9 statistics. I don’t know if the opponents’ ranks are comparable but I would tend to think so: these are big numbers and usually 9x9 are played without handicaps.

13836 wins and 6981 losses in total (66.5% - 33.5%)
7199 wins and 3337 losses with black (68.3% - 31.7%)
6637 wins and 3644 losses with white (64.6% - 35.4%)

How this is interpreted in strenght difference (if any), I don’t know :sweat_smile:

Ah, some might think it is the komi’s fault that I win more with black; many argue that 5.5 is too low.
Some players win more with white, though.
An example is @Atorrante : 16490 9x9 games.

8830 wins and 7660 losses in total (53.5% - 46.5%)
3667 wins and 3706 losses with black (49.7% - 59.3%)
5163 wins and 3956 losses with white (56.6% - 43.4%)

I have that idea that the komi is unfair too. In my own opinion white will lose in a peaceful game.

Really? It’s very hard for black to win if white has 2 living groups and komi… black needs to fight pretty hard to keep white to either one group or 2 tiny groups…