Are the 9x9 games at Waltheri's legit?

I like being able to explore “what did the pros do in situations similar to this” at , which I have done for 19x19 for a while.

I just tried the same thing with 9x9 and I see that the games don’t appear to be “real”. They have strange player names, and are all dated recently.

Is that collection legitimate?

The website says the 9x9 patterns are based on “21,206 pro games.” But that’s misleading. Most of the games are from GoQuest. You should know that these are 3min+1s/move blitz games, and the dataset features players of all skill levels, including DDK. So the level is much lower than for the 19x19 dataset.


Thanks! To be treated with due scepticism then…

BTW, what is GoQuest?

It’s a go server where the main attraction seems to be quick 9x9 and 13x13 games.


GoQuest is a lot of fun. You can get paired into a game in just a few seconds. I find it’s a nice complement to playing correspondence Go on OGS.

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Good to know. Thank you @mark5000

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