Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


That is incredibly weird… do you use a username and password to log in to the site or some form of facebook authentication?


I used to use facebook authentication, but just to test it out, I set up a usual password as well. I’m able to log in with the password on the website, but all the attempts through the app fail.


I’m sorry, I don’t know how to investigate this since unless you are getting some visible error it seems like the backend is refusing your credentials and I have no visibility of that. Perhaps @matburt would be willing to help out by looking at what’s going on? I just retested by reinstalling and logging in myself…

Do you know what version of Android you are on?


No worries. I was hoping it was possibly a known issue. If there is any way to access the app logs I’m happy to dig around to help you.

I’ve just checked the Android version and it seems to be reporting 7.0 with Samsung experience v. 8.1. It’s probably not the newest one on the market?


7.0 is new enough (newer than what I have on my phone btw). There is no way to get at the logs right now, but I’m still hoping that somebody from the backend can take 5 minutes to look and see if there is something wrong there…


@Jokes_Aside do you at least get a toast saying “Login failed” or nothing at all happens?


Yup, I’m getting ‘Login failed’ message.


I think I know the problem! It seems that despite having set up the password OGS is still falling back to facebook authentication. When I tried to login in a fresh session in the incognito mode, it asked my for facebook authentication after I provided login and password.


Ah, I see… sadly I have no control over that :frowning:


Yup, looks like sort of a bug in the authentication protocol on the server side. Well, at least we know now :wink:


This is totally awesome! Thanks!


I think we should change the title of this thread to “The OGS mobile app”, and put it into a more general category: it’s not about API development any more, it’s a useful app that everyone should know about…



@MrAlex: Any possibility to get this for iOS also? (9.x and higher; because I’m currently stuck with iOS 9 :disappointed: )

Because in that case I might begin using OGS on mobile too :slight_smile:
And I’d be willing to pay a small amount also, as long as it is ≤ 10 €

And should we perhaps split the thread from the moment when @MrAlex jumped in?


Hi trohde, thanks you for taking interest. I’m afraid I don’t know swift nearly well enough to take on this task (which is not at all trivial). Plus I would need a mac to even begin (since Apple insist on not supporting xcode for anything else, they are weird that way). Perhaps if Flutter becomes a thing, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As for splitting the thread, up to you guys, I didn’t start a new thread because I didn’t want people to start trying the app before it is in a reasonable state and think it’s crap (and it is right now - for example I don’t handle the opponent resigning, the timer keeps on running, very confusing :slight_smile: ).


New Release Aplha Build 55 should be live in a few minutes:

  • New slick design for My Games list! Check out the screenshot below.
  • Major performance improvements, the app is a lot more “snappy”
  • Improved transitions between screens (still WIP)

Please provide feedback!!!


The updated really improve the usability and looks great.
The two things that would cause me to use this app instead of the mobile browser version of OGS are

  1. Ability to play out variations
  2. Chat (looks like the button is there, but not deployed yet.)

As a side note, I am a big fan of dark themes, black or deep grey board and features. This uses less battery since most battery capacity is used on screen power for Android mobile devices. Black does not turn on pixels for some displays, saving power.

Thanks for the work that goes into creating and updating the app.



Would it be possible to order them by time-remaining (lowest at the top)?

Also, just checking if it’s a known bug that the displayed player ranks are not correct (not a new thing).


Thank you very much @brose and @GreenAsJade for the feedback. Please keep it coming. We have about 100 Monthly active users, but very few are providing feedback.

About your comments:

  • variations: might be coming in the future
  • chat: planned, probably not a long ways off
  • themes: it a good idea, but sadly these would take some time to create, I might consider doing that as a premium feature if the app ever catches on, but not right now.
  • reordering by time remaining: TLDR version, it’s hard to do right since the api send the wrong values initially and I have to fetch the timer one at a time with other requests. This means the games would start jumping around after a few seconds when the results of those requests come in. Out of curiosity, just how many games do you have going at the same time? :slight_smile:
  • I have struggled with the ratings for a whole week back in december and then I just gave up. The API is really inconsistent with that, the values simply contradict themselves between calls (presumably some still present the egf value before the adjustment last year) and even when they don’t there are no less that 16 (!!!) of 'em and it quite hard to determine which one to show and where to get it from. I ended up showing one in the game screen that is usually right, but I know it’s way off on the game listings. Not sure how to deal with that since I can’t go in and fix the API…


On another note, new version, Alpha Build 56 should be available on google play in a few minutes. It has a new game screen (see screenshot below) and also a lot of bugfixes related to app stability (it kinda crashed a lot before) and notifications reliability (it sometimes used to give wrong values for the number of active games).

As usual, please provide feedback!!!


I usually only have 2-3 games going at once, but I am rare for a correspondence players.

Most correspondence players seem to have 10+ going at once.

Right now I also do, because I’m in a 10 player round robin tourney, plus a couple of ladder games.

At the moment I’m unable to submit turns: I press the tick button and “nothing happens”.