Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


PS: I think I’d be happy for them to jiggle themselves into time order :slight_smile:


There seems to be an issue in which if you don’t use the app for a while (or maybe when switching to/from wifi?) the server connection just goes “stale”. It doesn’t give any errors, the server just won’t respond. It’s that library that seems to be so unreliable. Please kill the app completely (by pressing the “recent app” button and then swiping the app off screen). Then restart and it should work. This bug is my priority, but can’t really reliably reproduce it so it’s hard to fix.

Btw this happens a lot less in alpha_b56 (today’s build) - but it still happens - so in case you didn’t update now would be a good time.


Doesn’t this help?

This seems like the class to use for rank presentation.


I had this problem pretty often mate, thanks for the fix…


@MrAlex I just downloaded and installed alpha_b56 on my Sony Experia. Wow! I’m impressed!

Playing around with it I discovered how to create a 9x9 game and played it (even though that was not what I intended to do!). However, when we both passed I was not able to find out how to accept the final score (I see in my profile that I did get credited with the win) and so I let the timer run down and expected to see that I perhaps timed out of the game. So my question: how do I indicate that I accept the final score?


I think the “can’t play a move” thing is much better now.

Now I realise that what I really need most is to be able to click through my open games, like you can in OGS.

I click on the notification icon (that tells me how many I have outstanding) and it just takes me to the same one each time.

I only became aware that I need this when I joined a tourney and suddenly I have 12 games instead of the usual 2-3


Now I am not sure how hard this feature is to implement so I am just putting ignorant question out there. Is there login feature for those of us who have google+ or facebook bound accounts in the future?


I would gladly become a supporter for an iPad app.


I’d be willing to develop an iPad app if someone else did the design.


@danielt1263, I’m a game/ux designer and would be down to cover that part.


@driph Sounds good. My email is my username Let’s collaborate.


OK where can I preorder :smiley: <jk> but I’d be a customer :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I’ll send you a note!


@MrAlex just installed and testing your Android app. When finding a game, is it possible to search from more than one type of game? For example, Normal and (9x9 or 13x13 or 19x19)? Currently the search seems to allow only one Time type and board size type.


Recently installed your alpha_56. Nice! Especially like the notification in the status bar.

Some things i ran into:

  • handicap stones are invisible! :flushed:
  • regular app crashes when starting the app when I haven’t used it for an hour or so (not exactly sure how to reproduce it yet)
  • would like to be able to change notificaiton style (sound/vibration/led. to be complete also notification icon, though I won’t change that setting personally)
  • nice to have: it’s ok the app doesn’t support chat (yet). but the other party currently is unaware I’m playing without being able to read their messages. An auto-reply “I can’t read your message at the moment since I’m currently using an app that doesn’t support chat” would be helpfull.


~ poke ~ :slight_smile:
Just thought I’d check in after my own hiatus to see how you’re doing? :slight_smile:


Hi guys, sorry for the lack of activity, it’s been a crazy period in real life. I’ve read all comments and I will try to cater to most of them. I’m going to start with releasing what I have right now, version alpha_b57 in which I overhauled the entire notification system to now use the REST api instead of the api. That’s a lot more reliable (also slow) but I guess it’s a tradeoff we will have to live with. The games also now “jiggle” in an inconsistent order sometimes on the main screen because the REST api has wrong data about the time left on a move, I’ll maybe fix that someday…

Now it should no longer be necessary to kill the app or to log back after long periods of inactivity. I think I finally nailed down the interplay between the REST authentication and the one. It was… a challenge :slight_smile: Please let me know if that is not so @GreenAsJade

@sclim It is not possible to search for more than one at a time, mostly because I couldn’t find a good simple UX/UI for that. I will give it some more thought or perhaps one of the UX guys here could suggest something :slight_smile:


  • Handicap is not working properly, I will try to look at that
  • crash shouldn’t happen in beta 57 anymore with the new revamped auth and notification system. Please let me know if this is not so
  • settings are planned, but not very high priority. They take a lot of time to do and quite boring work :slight_smile:
  • auto-reply: good suggestion, I might take you up on that… :slight_smile:

Shoutout to @GreenAsJade as a bonus, clicking the notification button takes you to a different game each time :stuck_out_tongue:


alpha_b58 is on the way to the store and should be available in a few minutes. Highlights:

  • Support for handicap games
  • Fixed the most frequent crashes
  • Added support for 18:9 phones (e.g. S8, S9)
  • Better looking notification icons, particularily on Oreo

Plus other assorted fixes. Please provide feedback… stats say there are about 320 of you lot using this app regularly…


Just installed the app and looks great. Do you have a bug tracker or a page with a list of suggestions? Just don’t want to repeat what others may have said.

First impression is that I’m missing an options pane… specifically the option for a dark theme. :slight_smile:


I’m one of them (using it :slight_smile: ) Thanks!

Trivial thing: could it not say “their turn” if it is in fact “my turn”?

I know that it says “their turn” next to my name when it is my turn, but I’m not “them” if you see what I mean :wink: