Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


@pwwaring thanks for trying the app out. It is unfortunate that you started with alpha_b60 which, as expected, is one of the dodgiest builds in the past 6 months :slight_smile:

I think I see your crash… I purposely have no identifiable data, but there is a crash immediately after log in with the following parameters:

plat_android 8.1.0
smartphone Pixel
access_time Jun 12, 2018, 5:07:00 PM

If that is you (the timestamp should be London time), then good news, I just released alpha_b62 that should fix it. The new version also contains several other fixes, as the Crashalytics console simply lit up when I released b60 (it was a major overhaul as it brought in database). Please install the new version and let me know how it goes.

Edit: Chief amongst the other fixes is the one that made the top right button display a wrong numer sometimes (1 more games that the number of games it was your turn for) and caused a crash if you clicked on it if there were in fact no games on which you had to move.


Aaand stupid me I just realized after your message that people have left quite a few reviews on the play store, but I was just not aware of them :man_facepalming:


@MrAlex Yes, b62 took care of the problem - thanks!


At least now you can check for them on a semi regular basis :slight_smile:


New build, alpha_b65 is in the baking owen as we speak. Main improvements:

  • Offline mode! The app used to crash in many interesting ways if you happened to lose connection while browsing the app. Now we have a retry mechanism in place and you should be able to browse away without any internet, though obviousely you can’t submit any moves and won’t be notified of any new moves (I’m not a magician :slight_smile:)
  • Dropped support for Android 4.4. My appologies to all 11 of you but I simply don’t have the resources to keep the app backwards compatible that far back. The app was crashing randomly and when it wasn’t the layouts look completely weird.
  • Fixed a bug reported by @koolbreeze about handicap games with manual handicap stone placement showing some of the handicap stones the wrong color (outch!). Thanks for @Kosh for suggesting the cause of the problem.

I have also started keeping bugs and enhancements in if anybody wants to know what’s coming up or wants to comment on any of the bugs/issues.

As usual, thank you for trying the app and please provide feedback!


For me, the next two Big Things would be Chat and Analysis mode.

I need to go back to OGS for both those.


Analysis mode would be a big wish for me too


I’m getting a lot of people asking for those. I don’t use analysis mode much, but then again I mostly play live games and there is little time for that. Perhaps people doing correspondence use it more.

Chat would be fairly easy to implement. Analysis… perhaps not so much, but I’ll give it a go.

Edit: Actually, let me ask you this: do you need the full tree in analysis mode, like you have on the website or having a board that you can play with (forward-back-new move) be sufficient?


No, I do not need the full tree. Just the ability to play a couple of moves out in sequence before I submit my move.


I agree. Totally don’t need the tree view.

That sounds right :slight_smile:



Way to ask the important questions! :slight_smile:


Well I need you guys to tell me these things. I am not a heavy GO player and the little go I play is live while having a coffee or taking a break from work. I do not know if people rely heavily on analysis or how often play tournament games. Or other such things that you guys might consider obvious, but are not so to me :slight_smile:

I will prioritize the simple analysis mode then…


Perhaps too early to remark, since you need both both analysis and chat, but the ability to share a variation in the chat would also be very useful


Speaking of which chat really needs to happen… I just now noticed that you commented on our game after it finished, but using the app I would have never known…

This also reminds me, the app looks awful on a phone with a ratio of less < 16:9 (overlapping texts and stuff).


This particular problem is a bug in OGS IMO.

If a person comments in chat after a game finishes, on OGS, the other person may never know, because why would they come and look at the game again.

If the app could solve that, it’d be awesome, though I’m not quite sure how it would.


Well this is the sort of thing that could be solved easily on the server-side, but a workaround could be envisioned in the app as well. I could for example check any games that were finished in the last 7 days (for example) and spawn a notification for it.


New build, alpha_b67 is on the way. Nothing fancy on this one, just fixed almost all of the crashes. It should be pretty stable this one.

Question to @matburt: Is there a way to fetch several games at once instead of doing a request for each one?


you can request the games via list on the /games endpoint, you’ll just need to filter for them.


Could you offer more details on how I could filter for them? Before I asked I tried things such as,12522716 or,12522716 or,12522716 or,12522716

Alternatively, if I could get this response to include the move list, I wouldn’t need to get every game in the first place:


New version, alpha_b75 is available for download in the playstore. The big feature is analysis. @koolbreeze, @GreenAsJade please let me know if this works for you guys. I also fixed a bug with notifications that nobody seemed to bother reporting but which made notifications laregely unusable (!). I also added a few assorted improvements to the UI, for example now it’s obvious when somebody passes. I introduced a lot of exlaining texts for the different phases of the game (although they will probably not mean much to those on this forum, they are meant for beginners).

As usual, please provide feedback!