Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


I’m famous! It’s all downhill from here.


Hi Bob,

I am coming from the iOS side (only having done a couple, couple being 2 here :slight_smile: , Android Apps) but I would say if cross platform is your main drive: pick a cross platform development environment. I have to say though that I am no longer up to date on those …
I could help on the iOS side though, throw in Objective-C- or Swift-knowhow or do beta-testing, localization stuff.

Thanks for the kick-off,



Hey Bart,

I’ve gone with Marmalade SDK and C++, there’s a thread here OGS mobile: Dev diary detailing my slow and painful progress.

Currently I’m spending my evenings cramming OpenGL. I’ve got the go rules, capture, ko, etc. working, and I’ve spiked the web-based stuff,so I’m in good shape once I can get my head around graphics programming.


Hey Bob,

sounds interesting (meaning I’ve never used a Marmalade SDK), their website claims Xcode 6 and iOS 8 compatibility though …
Did you try recompiling your state of things for iOS?
If not would you want me to give a try and provide feedback?

Seem to recall you where planning on “open sourcing” things, does that mean a version is available somewhere where I can pull?

Keep up the good work!



sounds exciting! … I’m interested … is there still an open-request for programmers?

I’d love to take a look and see if this is something I can handle. ( I can do C & C++ … usually gcc style … but very little experience with XCode / iOS ). Not really sure where that gets me … :slight_smile:

Any links yet to code-repository we can work on? I’d love to take a look & see if I can be helpful for iOS.


Hi xanatax,

far as I can tell there is no repository yet …
I’ll try and chase pathogenix and figure out what’s happening :smile:

Starting with C++ is something I did to (although a long time ago), should get you going. Objective-C (or Swift for that mater) is “just a bit more object oriented”. Think of it as C++ with bit of SmallTalk mixed in. The biggest hurdle is not the actual syntax of either, but the frameworks to tackle. If you like I can send you a couple of links to get you started. Feel free to PM me …



so, I’ll see if I can get Marmalade SDK running? that’s the framework we’re talking about right? downloaded… installed… but it looks like they want money for registration keys. so, figuring that out will be my first challenge. free-demo mode should be okay to start with I hope!


I don’t have any programming skills - but, in my household, I own many Android devices including a smartphone and 2 tablets. I’d be happy to be a beta tester when that stage rolls around!



I am new to the site, been looking for an app to play mates with and eventually found this thread.

I am a developer for C++ and would be glad to lend a hand.

Got some experience with both android apps and OpenGL… although not together.

Who do I need to speak to about what’s going on?




I have some very basic C++ skills. I am just learning, actually. However, I would love to be a beta tester to get this party started!




Is this still going? I have extensive iOS experience and have written/managed several apps through the submission process. I already have an Apple developer account and I would be willing to get an iOS native app going. Or are you only interested in cross platform or android versions? Anyway, hit me up via personal email.


Hi protemus,

things have been really quite on Bob’s (pathogenix) side.
Not sure if he is even tracking this.
Me from my side would be interested to chip in if we could start this off in Swift … I mean, I’ve done several Apps in Objective-C and it would be cool to give Swift a try …



Hey all. I’m not dead! Not yet anyway.

I’ve been taking an extended break from OGS while I fixed my life, but I’m hoping to slowly wend my way back into the fold. Seems like there’s a good amount of interest here. I’ve currently a total of zero minutes free per week, but I can at least tell you what I was planning.

If anyone else feels like taking the lead on this and dumping a whole load of issues into github, I should also be good for a pull request or two in the next couple of months.

Love and kisses,

– Bob.


Hi Bob,

great to hear you are still around. Man that sounds serious :frowning: and “wending back” sounds hard. Hang in there man!

github, wow! Did I miss something? I did a quick look around there, but could not find a native client, just the chrome plugin and the GTP stuff.
Or are you saying we should put our stuff up there and you’ll help out? In which case I might suggest we go Swift aka iOS/Mac only … still did not get around to doing more marmalade …



Well, I can definitely take lead on it, unless someone else wants to. If you send me your initial thoughts I can start working on an initial design. I don’t know online-go’s web API and I saw from the previous topics on this thread that it isn’t public. All I would need to get started is access to the API and then an initial idea of what your thoughts were. I can post a rough draft of a design to github and then anyone who wants to be involved could comment…


By the way, for mobile I would definitely recommend doing this native and not through something like marmalade. No offense, but it just isn’t worth the headache. On iOS and Android specifically, I could write the thing twice within the amount of time it would take to write half of it that way. But its not my decision obviously. From a market standpoint iOS is the quickest way to get it in peoples hands. Android’s large number of deployments make it look attractive, but OS fragmentation and device sizes make it a pain to support all those devices. You end up supporting only a fraction initially and some just… never. iOS is more stable and its easier to support all the available iOS devices. But that is just my two cents.


Oh, it is now:

How to implement a client capable of playing live games if not by polling?

Very much so, I’ve almost implemented all of the API for my app.


We have both a real time and full REST api that is public, this is a good place to start:

It’s even browseable:


Hi Rvzy,

that’s interesting :slight_smile: Care to share any details? Like on what platform? Do you need beta-testers? Translators?

Let us know :smile: