Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


OK. It’s done. I’ve regenerated new API keys, and now use an unpublished private config file (instead of a live server).
So, neither the github nor fdroid versions will work with OGS, but you have to download and install the apk manually from here:

Please keep on using the github issue tracker for feedback on bugs/enhancements/…


Hi @matburt,

Do you know where I can find running examples with the real-time api ? I’m a bit stuck there, with handshake errors
(I’m using java library, and try to connect just after a successful REST login). I assume I don’t have put all the required handshake data input: do I need a proxy ? an auth token ?

Thanks !

SocketIO s = new SocketIO();
s.connect(“”, new IOCallback() {


OK, finally managed to get a working connection with the real-time API. The problem was that the various java libraries I used to connect to the Socket.IO server were not 100% compatible with the version of the Socket.IO server of OGS.
So the one to use is the nkzawa in github: this one seems to work with OGS.
Now I can start of thinking integrating games’ chats within my android app.



Would anyone be interested in an OGS plugin for the Android BW-Go app?
It would have simple features at first, for long games, and only for playing, not matchmaking. I’ve created a comparable plugin for “that other turnbased Go site”, and I use it daily.



Would it also notify the user when it is their turn?


Yes, notifications are part of it, on a poll basis (it checks every x minutes)


Is it possible to use the API to get only my running games (the same ones you see on the webpage)? “” gives me finished games also. For a regular player this could easily go up to hundreds of games.



You can grab the running games with query parameters… this is what you are looking for:


Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.



Yes please!


A hardcore yes! The most basic reason is that a main purpose of correspondence games is to fit into the interstices of our lives. This means, at the least:

a) being able to consider the most recent board position of your game in your spare time whenever you have the desire (which includes seeing your opponent’s move ASAP if that is your desire)
b) being able to play a move once you’ve made your decision, in the way that best balances time management in real life and time management over the clock.

It’s not the world’s easiest thing to give extended commentary or to otherwise make use of the review/analysis tools when away from keyboard, but it would be wonderful to be able to do a) and b) when one has at hand a phone, but not a computer. Portability for the simple functionality of playing correspondence games is much more important than making anything else about OGS more portable.


Hi there, I’d like to get involved if the IOS part if steel on plan.

I’m developer in Python, C++, C and Java languages. Not a lot of experiences in objective-C but I think I can adapt myself.

Do not hesitate, I’m very excited by OGS platform/API(s).



I’m also a developer. At my job, I mostly work in a .NET environment, but I’ve also developed a few android apps on the side. I’m new to this site, but I’ve been playing go and programming for a while. Very interested in helping out. Please let me know what I can do.



@stephengreenfield Check out the API and its documentation and see if you can start working with just that. Here’s the real time API documentation. :wink: For further questions, ask @matburt. :smile:


Hi Stephen,

If you don’t want to start from scratch, you may fork DragonGoApp on github: it’s already running OK on android with OGS for basic playing; but of course, there’re many many ways you can improve user experience for OGS, or even totally change the app/gui/look&feel/… if you wish to…



I’m a web developer by trade. I primarily work with UI/UX development, but am pretty well versed in Java and Python. If any help is needed making the app look and feel like the site, I’d be happy to help.

Is there an official github project?


I am not a skilled programmer although I have some skill in java and C++. I change my field in webdesign.
Maybe it was discussed a lot but these are my ideas of an application
Core programming C++. Is the best for networking. Connections, data transfer.
For GUI i will vote for an HTML5 Interface.

The messenger will be a second application but primary application will catch notification of new messages (as FB App)
About Chat I don’t have any idea yet.

The actual site have a problem with smaller displays but is my fault I have a crappy no so smart phone.


Hi Marc
Any progress on that? A plugin for BW Go would be awesome! I use your app for dragon go and love it.


Hi, I know some java. If you need help on android project, I would like to participate.
Also, can anyone give a github url of the projects?


Hey, I have read the entire thread and list here the posts that have interesting links

I haven’t done anything besides reading this, but I also know some Java and could help you a bit. It would be nice to get this going again :slight_smile: