Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


You are right, that’s something that I need to work on. A simple temporary fix would be to have the top right button (the one that displays the bubble with the number of games it’s your turn on) to take you to your first game that it’s your turn on (I mean open the actual game).

Another thing that would make sense is that the active games list is sorted and that the games it’s your turn on are always at the top.

A third thing would be to somehow show them differently (e.g. different colors).

What do you think would be the best solution?


Honestly all of them at the same time just like in OGS web. Butif it’s tricky and time consuming to implement then i rather have them highlight (different color) plus have the top right button take me to the next game it’s my turn on…


Nathan doesn’t have the game bubble and games aren’t sorted by time by he did manage to sort by your turn and not your turn and highlight the games that are. Maybe you can get some tips from his code on github?


It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, it’s just that:
a. I don’t have the time right now
b. I want to do it in a good looking way and I don’t have the luxury of an app designer as I do on my day job. No offence to nathan, but simply making the background green is not very estetically pleasing IMHO.

PS: I am aware of Nathan’s repo, I have used it for inspiration when I started.


Completely fair enough :slight_smile: I think for the early stages of dev, functionality trumps aesthetics, but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile: enjoy the dev process!


Sorry if I came off as dismissive, that was not my intention. I do appreciate feedback, and you are right functionality should trump aestetics in a proper software project, however for this sort of hobbyist projects it is very important that I enjoy doing what I do since I am not getting paid for it and there is little other incentive to keep going. For example I would not write tests for such a project even though I believe tests to be an important part of a project simply because they are not fun to write and I know I will grow tired of the project really quickly if I start with the tedious task of writing and maintaining them.


Your project; your priorities :slight_smile: no dramas here!

I strongly agree that you have to work on what you love <3

I was just trying to reply to your question “What do you think would be the best solution?” with my own personal perspective. If I have a problem with how you write your program, I guess the burden is on me to write my own :wink: haha


Ok, I found the time to implement the first two of them (games in which it’s your move are always at the top and the top right button takes you to one of the games in which it is your turn. It’s 2 AM so I’m not going to spend more time on it.

If my magic CI setup works as intended, you should be receiving the updates to your phones through Google Play in a few minutes. Please let me know if that worked.


For some reason I cannot use the app. It just stops right after I run it. Android 4.4.2

PS: Yes, I received the update. :slight_smile:


My app works both before and after the update


Aaargh… it’s that bloody animation in the login button. It uses a library that crashes on KitKat (Android 4.4.x). I’ll look for an alternative today.


@mlopezviedma I fixed it. The update should be available through Google Play in a few minutes. Please give it another go and let me know what you think.

PS: some paddings look wonky on KitKat, but sadly fixing the look for older Androids is going to be low on the priority list


Just installed the update and it made the app very usefull for me. If you can add a settings button with update intervals and also a donate section,would love to donate…I would also pay for a pro version in Playstore…


Thanks for the fedback Seferi, I think it’s way too early to think about monetizing (it will probably never have enough users to make it worth the hassle of setting up payments and stuff).

About intervals: I decided to go with a very complicated logic that tries to check more often when the phone is plugged in and less when it’s on battery. When it’s on battery it will also try to “batch” the polling along with other apps so that it never wakes up your phone just to check if it’s your turn, thus saving battery. Hence that setting will probably do more bad than good.

So far on my phone it works so well that it doesn’t even register on the apps that eat up battery. I’m curious if it’s the same for you guys (you can see which apps eat your battery in settings -> battery).

Out if curiosity, if you would have the option, would you set it to poll more often or more rarely than it does right now?


Well you can just add your paypal to settings>about for the app and leave it at that… About the intervals batching the polling is a brilliant idea. On my device it’s at the bottom of the battery list and shows draining battery 1% but its not a problem… Also with the fast charging devices today, i don’t leave my phone more then half an hour a day or every other day to charge… With the intervals i would probably let it poll every 3 or 6 hours…


Sweet! It works! Big thanks, @MrAlex ! Will come back soon with opinions :slight_smile:


So, given the project is on an early development stage, I don’t want to suggest any feature add. In fact, I think the essentials are already in.

I think the design direction is very nice. The only thing I would change is the size of the hoshis. They are too big to my eyes.

Keep up the great work! :sunglasses:


I love the UI. That crosshair click is great. One thing I’d appreciate if surety that I can’t misclick. On OGS using mobile I’ve had at least on suprise bad misclick… As if it forgot that I have selected ‘press button to submit’, and submitted as soon as I placed the stone. I guess it’s obvious that this sort of mistake need to be safeguarded strongly. With a bit of playing it looks like the button is the only way to submit which is good. I haven’t had a chance to see if you can accidental click submit with a slip while still placing the stone.

I think I’d need analyse mode to use it in earnest. I much prefer games without that turned on, but when it’s in I use it :slight_smile:

Will there ever be an app for OGS?

I wanted to try the app but I wasn’t able to log into my ogs account - the app wants a user and password while here on ogs I am using oauth to log in with my google account.

I understand you are working on this on your free time, but I wanted to report the issue anyway :slight_smile:


You can create a password in profile I guess. What app do you mean anyway? ogsdroid? Or there are others?