Arena Battles, a great way to compete with go!

Something that I think would bring alot of people to a server, is something new and exciting! =)…

I’d love to see for example an Arena!

There would be different modes. For example.

1 vs 1 Cor / Normal /Blitz
3 vs 3 Cor /Normal / Blitz
5 vs 5 Cor / Normal / Blitz

Cor = (1d / Move)
Normal = (30 min / 30 sek, 3 period byo)
Blitz = (1 min / 10 sek, 3 period byo)

So you’d enter a queue into the arena and you get points depending on if you win or lose. So you can have a ladder ranking and whatnot. You also make things more sociable since you can maybe talk to your teammates and cheer them on. Maybe you could even get points you can buy random things from (Like ingame skills? :wink: or just custom Arena Level Icons (isntead of flag) and things like that.) So it’d bring people together, you could make teams and compete. And it’s all automatic and noone has to make tournaments or whatever. It’d be a really nice feature to compete against eachother and also motivate people to get stronger. And especially something that goes more towards what games are today. If OGS wants population it needs to think of new creative ways to get a larger player base =) …

Ok nouf blabbing! =D … Oh and also - Make it so that you can make free games in tournaments >.O

If you want more specifics I can post more info on what this could be. ^_^…

Cheers! // Levvo