Arimaa 2022 World Championship

The 2022 Arimaa World Championship will begin on 4 Jun., 2022. Registration is $10.00 + transaction fees through PayPal and is open to all regardless of experience. The format will be double elimination at the pace of one live game per week at classical (slow) time controls. See the official rules for more details.

Even if you’re not interested in competing, you are more than welcome to stop by and spectate the games. The schedule of games will be announced at the beginning of each week, and people will commonly hang out both in the online chatroom (accessible from the Arimaa gameroom under “Chat” in the upper-right section) and the Discord server to discuss the games live. The players will also usually pop in after their game to discuss with eachother and the spectators as long as they don’t have something else they need to get to.

Last year ended up being a very close call between rabbits and the eventual winner: browni3141. I’m excited to see if browni3141 is able to win his third consecutive world championship this year.


Has it already been a year since the last time you got me into Arimaa?

Since then, I’ve laid hold of a copy of Arimaa: Strategy and Tactics.

I’d be up to do a discord or twitch book study with you, some Arimaa players and some Go players, if you’d be interested in that.

I would quite like to be able to play a passable game of Arimaa. The issue I had last time is that both resources and players seemed rather scarce, but if we could build up a little community through OGS…

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Does the Arimaa community stream on Twitch at all?

I don’t see an Arimaa category. Perhaps some games could be streamed in the Go category (we let Tumbleweed in, after all).

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A bit more, I’d guess.

Awesome; I think I remember you mentioning that, though it was a while ago.

Sounds interesting. I’ve gone through it once, but it’s definitely time I did so again, as I’ve improved since I last did and would probably pick up more the second time around.

Yeah, that’s the downside of being a fan of such a niche game. I’d love for more people to join the community. If you (or anyone reading this) is looking for a flexible-commitment way to get regular games with other players, I would highly recommend participating in the Endless Endgame Event, hosted by clyring year-round, or just asking in the Discord or online chat for a game. I know I’d always be up to scheduling a game of Arimaa, handicap or even, with anyone who was interested.

I believe people have streamed it before, but it’s not frequent. Historically some World Championships have had live audio commentary for some (mostly the more high-level) of the games, mostly depending on if there are qualified volunteers for it.

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