Audio Reminder: Game has Started

Is there an option to set up such an audio reminder?
It happened to me several times lately, that i set up a custom game, and don’t realize that someone joined, because obviously i’m not staying on that browser tab, staring at the “waiting for opponent” screen.
THEN, once the other person has let the time run out, or canceled the game, i get a beebeep sound.
This is quite embarassing and I feel bad for letting my opponent wait for so long…


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Surely this must be bubbling up the priority list…

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Please initiate a START SOUND. I believe there was one in the past. Please bring it back. i could not find Zen mode. According to OGS
"It is distracting when remaining time blinks. The current workaround is to enter Zen mode, but Zen mode lacks features available in normal mode (e.g. auto-switching to the next game after the player makes a move). "
Please share some videos for this.

Zen mode can be found from any game screen. Move your mouse the the right hand side edge and one of the options will be zen mode


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