Audio updates v2

It has been stated numerous times that the UI in the Settings panel is under construction and an active work in progress. Patience and time will show us the final design. Until that happens, there is no point in getting frustrated.

It seems unreasonable to think that anyone is staring at the Settings panel and getting so frustrated they dislike the website. At worst, someone comes here and voices their desire to see it improved, just like yourself.

Luckily Anoek has addressed your specific concern multiple times, from multiple users making similar statements, since the update went live and UI clean-up of the Settings panel is on the to-do list :+1:


I don’t know if its because every tab plays the voice effects for ‘challenge received’ and ‘game started’, but those effects are way too loud. I usually have at least 2-4 ogs tabs open (chat, overview, some corr games) and when somebody suddenly challenges me, that sound effect is hurting my eardrums if i’m using headphones ;___;

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 15.51.02

Even when setting are like this, the stone sounds are at the ok volume but the effects are still way too loud.

I’d be happy already if I could order the Score Estimator to tell me “Game over man, game over” when it is 100% sure that I am going to lose a game :sweat_smile:


Well, I guess sometimes it could move back down to a nice 99.9%
Not great, but it says that still have a chance.


S_Alexander asked and so I checked the Japanese voices Hitomi and Kei.
While they might sound weird compared to a native human voice, when compared to other computer generated game voices they are above average in my assessment.

The accent is funny because the pronunciation is defined for each word without taking the preceding and the following word into account, and this is common among computer generated game voices. Hitomi and Kei are good outside of this intonation issue, and they may be as good as it gets before an AI generated ‘sentence’ voice, as opposed to the current ‘word’ generation, becomes available in the future.

Thanks for the excellent work.


I don’t know if everyone mentioned it and I missed it, but I like the tidied up settings page.


It kinda went in under the radar… not sure why it wasn’t announced


Hey! You take that back! Gia announced it right here. I say we make that the official announcement, even if you want to move it to a new thread. :upside_down_face:




After watching Russia vs China games I’m convinced “Review started” should be off be default.

Also, tick-tocks should be off by default too.


Re review started, yeah i’m thinking it should be off while the game is ongoing, and on (by default) after the game has concluded


That seems ideal if it’s not too much trouble :slight_smile:

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The German, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese translations have been updated to incorporate the feedback from this thread, and the Russian translation has been completely overhauled and re-recorded with a new voice actor.


I just took a listen to the new Mandarin sounds. The “3 periods left” and “2 periods left” are both using the 3 periods clip. Also, the byo-yomi clip is still in Japanese.

Thanks again for all the work you do for us and the community. The new chat indicator on the navigation bar is lovely.


Oh interesting, I’ll fix up the 3 periods left thing

The byoyomi and overtime clips are no longer used for korean, mandarin, and cantonese, now it uses the “Start Counting” clip - although I notice the Mandarin voice actor seems to have ignored part of the script and said “byo yomi” anyways… bah.

@flovo is the one to thank for the new chat indicator :slight_smile:


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Byoyomi is Japanese word. I don’t know which pronunciation problems may have speakers of other countries, but in Russian we have letter ё (yo) which works exactly like japanese よ. Alevtina instead of reading it with Russian logic or copying from Japanese audio invented not existing rule. She reads it like B and yoyomi are 2 words with space between them. The first syllable should be read like бё , not бйо.

Why I talk about it? When wrong knowledge spreads, I feel pain when I am on anime sites and people say japanese terms wrong. I don’t really use sound on OGS. :slightly_smiling_face:


It becomes 美容読み, then, “reading beauty” instead of “reading seconds”.

Cho Yeonwoo pronounces in as biyomi, not sure if that’s a Korean thing or pronunciation error

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Hello, after a few months of observing new players (or new to OGS players) on Twitch, I’ve got some feedback Re: the ticking noise.

Everyone seems to find the default ticking at 30 seconds to be stressful / obnoxious. Many of them don’t realise it’s an option they can change, as no other servers have the level of audio tweaking OGS has. They tend to suffer through it until someone in chat mentions the settings page.
Personally I turned off the ticking at 30 secs when the update came out, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not good as a default option in general, and might be putting off new players.


Every time i open a correspondence game where i am in byo-yomi, i hear Claire saying “byo-yomi”

Could this be changed so that “byo-yomi” sound will only be played once when the game enters byo-yomi from the main time, but not every time i open the game in question?

sorry for bumping up a year old topic >___>