Auto-advance after move suggested improvements


I’ve created a bunch of suggestions for making auto-advance better in my opinion.

Here’s a summary:

  1. Do not auto advance if the opponent had a planed response for your move.
  2. Allow to plan moves ahead even if you didn’t play your first move - now to plan moves you have to place first one, then wait for page reload and then go back to previous game and plan ahead. Those two features do not work nicely together right now.
  3. Do not auto advance after I make second pass in the game and go to stone counting. Usually I would accept stones right away and this action should move me to the next game, not passing.
  4. Add a possibility to turn auto-advance on/off separately for zen and normal mode of play. I do not see any profit of using zen mode without auto-advance (when playing correspondence). But for the issues named above I’m considering disabling this feature for normal mode of play.

You can vote for the feature here if you like it:


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