Auto-advance should not occur when your move triggers a conditional move

Auto-advance should not kick in after making a move if that move triggers a conditional move.

Repro steps:

  1. Turn on Auto-advance setting.
  2. Play a move in a game where the opponent has queued up a conditional move to it.

What happens now is that you see the conditional move played in response to yours, but then auto-advance whisks you away to the next game. Instead, I think that auto-advance should not activate in that situation. (i.e. it should only activate when it really isn’t your turn any more)

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I agree. Such a behaviour has been implemented at the legacy OGS, and was much more pleasant :slight_smile:

Can’t remember whether the auto-advance was triggered after the last conditional move though, but it seems logical to move user to the next board after running out of automated responses.

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