Automatch blitz maintime probably hurts OGS

I argue that 5 minute maintime in automatch blitz, deters many dan players from using it. Yet blitz is almost exclusively for dan players since very few kyu players will feel comfortable playing it. Instead of using the poll as basis for deciding time settings. A poll where pretty much everyone wrote their oppinion on blitz, most of whom never play it anyways. Why not just look up what kind of games are requested most with a given byomi. In this case, would it be possible to see a plot of all custom games with 10sec byomi. With main time on one axis, and players rank on the other. And maybe a separate density plot as to what rank actually uses it. I suspect it will show that very few dan players ever ask for maintime. Yet its almost exclusively dan players who play blitz, at least going by other servers statistics. Hence it seems rather wasted that automatch has 5 minute maintime, which probably deters many dan players from using it in the first place and might well end up keeping them away from the server too since finding games becomes that much more difficult.


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