Automatch suggestion: users counters


First of all, I’m very sorry if I talk about a topic already dealt about. You can blame me as much as needed if it it happens :slight_smile:

Sometimes, I don’t care ( or don’t mind ) about time settings, I just care about when the game will start: now :slight_smile:

What do you think of displaying for each game type how many users are currently running the automatcher ? ( for the specific game type )
It should oscillate between 0 and 1.

Is it stupid ? Is it useful?

I would like to have feedback before submitting any feature request.



Hmmmmm I am kind of worried it might actually have a negative effect :confused:
i.e. people giving up to create a challenge because they see a zero and assume they wont get a game. But I dunno, not a psychologist :smiley: just what crossed my mind.


Well, sometimes, I am not selective and I just want the game to start asap. Sometimes, I am selective and I can wait…

Automatch, by essence, is for waiting anyway…