Automatic Leela review server

Hi I just want to share this site that Nick Sibicky shared in his last video.
You can upload an SGF and it will be analyzed by Leela and you can download her review.
The beginner server (DDK) is free, though it looks to me like it gives 5 Dan accuracy?
The SDK and Dan servers are free on weekends.

It works great except Leela can’t tell you why her move is better than yours of course. Not a lot of people seems to know about this site (I had even searched for something exactly like this without finding it). I hope the queues don’t get very long now if everyone tries it :grinning:.


A few questions that I hope you can answer but that is okay if you can’t :slight_smile::

  1. What time zone is it, want the SDK reviews but I don’t know when I can get them if the timezone is totally different then mine(like China or Australia).
  2. Is being a member free? It appears to be but you never know with these things.
    Thanks for both the answers and the website,

Nope don’t know about the timezone but it should be weekend in the entire world at saturday evening.
Yes it’s free to be a member but I don’t know why you would want to be except if you were going to pay.

Thanks for the answers, this program will be awesome for me :slight_smile:

The upcoming convert picture to sgf section of the site could be interesting too

Just gave it a test with a random game, it’s pretty handy.