Automatic stone removal and counting error

I know it was just a friendly game, but why would it calculate my stones on the top left as dead/grey therefore making my whole territory invalid as points? It seems my opponent was also confused.

This is the game:

Is there a way that a moderator could update this to reflect true game and not have it affect my record or rank?

Thank you.

Well that’s what the whole phase is for…

You can change the status of groups (alive with points, alive, dead) by clicking on them.
The computer is on occasion wrong, or more likely one of you clicked the groups by accident.

Yeah I know it does not specifically say so on the page (which is a shame tbh), but why would you click “accept removed stones” if they are clearly marked wrong? :smiley:

anyway since you are both similar rank and the game was “only” 13x13 the impact on your rank should be minimal, so I would not be too worried about it. Not sure what the moderator policy is on this, but I kind of doubt they will revert the score (sorry). You both agreed to the score, so it might be too late now.

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Thanks for replying Adam.
I was confused because the score changed after we clicked all our dead stones and verified the score. I had accepted it with the correct scoring but I think when he clicked accept after me the scoreboard look entirely different. And the scores next to our id just flipped. I definitely wouldn’t have accepted it the way it came out. My opponent was confused too.

oh, now that’s weird :frowning: that should definitely not happen (duh :smiley: ). Hope it was just some fluke. Otherwise we should probably tell the devs