Ban query

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Your account was banned because several accounts on your IP address are banned. On this website, you can’t dodge a ban by making a new account. We flagged those accounts for things like cheating with KataGo, sandbagging, chat abuse, racism, and vulgar usernames (one note just says “notorious troll”).

If you believe that this was in error, or if you want to appeal, please email


“Sir, the call is coming from - inside your IP address!”


Thank you again to the diligence of hard working moderators, we really appreciate how much you do for this place.


Hi. I am pretty sure that my brother has been doing those things, but I haven’t. He is known for doing these things, but I have never done anything wrong myself. Is it possible if you could only ban his computer, and not mine? I wish to play on OGS, and I never knew why I couldn’t.

Also, how come the IP ban affects everyone using the wifi? Doesn’t an IP ban only ban that one specific computer?

Thank you,

The image there should explain it all.


I hid this topic, and asked the person to take it up via the proper channel.