Ban this player : [First Last] 7D

(Edited to avoid public shaming)

He delayed scoring on purpose with absolute time setting, knowing he lost a game.
Plaese ban this player.



I like you too! Enjoy the life!

if you don’t like each other just block each other.
If one harasses the other just report it to the moderators
Why bother others in the forum?


Because this is not a matter of like or dislike, it’s matter of cheating on system. Thanks.

This kind of incident is best handled by the mods who can more easily look into the details as well as knowing if there have been other complaints about those involved.

I would like to take this opportunity to discourage people from using absolute time unless they are familiar with their opponent. Especially with ranked games.


btw sejongHwang,

insulting comments like you did in private chat are not allowed on ogs.

this is not our chat…

For these instances please use call moderator or report button (check the faq for more details Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)) we will always be happy to look at your case, but we do not want to use the forums for public shaming and it is something other players cannot help you with, so has no purpose on public forums anyway.

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile: