Banish the Stress of Anonymity

When I am mercilessly defeated by anonymous unspeaking opponents, it feels like demons are reaching their claws out of the darkness to tear at my heart and steal my dreams. I find playing against anonymous players to be an order of magnitude more stressful than playing against friends. I’d like to find some friends in this epic assortment of worldwide Go players- some folk who find the particular nuance of this post appealing- with whom to play games, chat, and discuss our games in search of higher realms of play.

I live in Northern California where the sun is soft and the spirit is deep, and if you hail from any corner of the Earth, I’d like to know about you. If it would please you to become acquainted with His Majesty and play some teachable games, PM me or add yourself to the group “His Majesty’s Society of Honourable Gentlemen & Ladies Fair”

I am about 11k (I think) though I haven’t been on OGS in a year so it won’t show in my profile till we play some games!

With Daft Humility and Social Grace,

His Majesty Lord Speezwax


PMed you.

Hello and welcome your Majesty. We’ve reserved a spot right over here for you. Spot of tea?


Why yes kind sir. This evening’s brew is horsetail tea.

This post has made my day. I too agree that being destroyed by anonymous players leaves a great deal to be desired. xD

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I gave you a like because it makes me proud that I seem like a powerful demon to you.


Sup. I too would like some go friends, and although I am a good deal weaker than you (though hopefully that will change), I look forward to being friends. I’d love some teaching games, being somewhere around 17k myself (my situation with ranking is quite weird, I can explain some other time). I too hail from Northern California. May I ask where exactly your kingdom is? And I too am a king. I have declared my computer science teacher’s room to be a sovereign nation, and I am of course the king. So… yeah.

Sent you a request. I’m fine with the anonymity but it’s definitely better when the other party is acquainted with you.

Haha, awesome post! And nice to see you again your majesty!

Totally joined your group :333¨

PS: i noticed you had all your ladders empty, so guess who is #1 on 19x19 now xD

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KoBa-chan <3

Ahhhhh good denizens of OGS! Your kind replies have warmed our Royal Heart. Let us rejoice and make devastating mistakes together as we learn the meaning of Go!

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Most excellent! It is good to be back and to be remembered! These ladders are a new phenomenon to us… we shall be highly motivated to rise to through the rungs toward your strength, KoBa!

With cruel talons that rise from the void to eviscerate me and then disappear without a trace.