Banned for chatting in private?

Hello guys… I can’t beleive what happend to me.

I just sent messages to a few guys asking them why they did not dare to say at least “hi” at the beginning of a game… It was a private message, not public; and i did not insult anyone. Just wanted to be polite and friendly.

And now I can’t even say “hello” in my own games !
Is that normal ?


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This is … very strange … Looks like karma. :shushing_face:

i just asked a guy (in private) why he did not dare to say “hi” before playing… this guy complained. and ; that’s it.
i just wanted to be polite and say hello… friendly! :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m not trying to be polite anymore. There are many players here who do not know what is politeness and etiquette. Run away from a lost game, without resigning and leaving your opponent to wait for the time to expire - this is the modern trend of Go etiquette.

i see what you mean, but now that “I” am “chat banned” I can’t even say “hello” on my OWN games ! that’s weird !

No reason to post on the forums when (it looks like) we already informed you how to get unbanned. I realize you were trying to be polite and friendly, but…getting upset about your opponent not chatting and then pursuing them after the game and confronting them about it…consider that it may not have come across as polite as you had hoped. It was reported as harassing by a couple of different folks. And you’ve been chatbanned for rudeness before, so there’s that.

I’m closing this. Please contact a mod to have the chatban lifted.