Be able to open user profile in a new tab while in game

During a game the link to the user profiles is not right/middle clickable.
If I click on the link I’m leaving the game window.


I’m using latest chrome and I can middle click the username in the playerboxes and it will open it in a new tab.

No middle click on OS X :’(

Using the latest chrome on Windows 8, Debian 3.2.57-3+deb7u2, and Chrome OS, the usernames are middle clickable and open up the player profile in a separate tab.

What browser and OS are you using?

On firefox it’s not middle clickable, ctrl+click doesn’t work either.

@Pempu in the chat the other day you told me to create a thread in the forums because it didn’t work for you either.

I can middle click the username now.
If I first left-click the name and then try to middle click the “i” icon for info it doesn’t work.

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This is an issue for me. I’m bumping the thread rather than making a new one. There are a few things that I want to be able to open in a new window. My opponent’s profile is one. My other active games (the black circle) is another.

I mostly use chrome on my android phone, so my only option is long press.

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Bumping the thread again. I find the way right-clicking works on games and user profiles more than a little annoying. Both open immediately in the same tab instead of showing the menu where you can choose “Open link in new tab”.

I know about middle-clicking and ctrl-clicking, but the point is, why should it behave differently from 99% of other places / websites?