Beat many players but I am still 25k after 2 weeks of just wins

Including a 14k I beat a lot of players I started to warn people ahead of time that I was higher then 25k. Aventialy I got a different accoint.

I cannot find an account with this name … have you had a name change? If so, then please log out of the forum and back in so that the change is carried over to the forum.

Also, you can always request a rank change by asking in the Support section of the forum (I’ve moved your post to here :wink: ) or by asking a moderator.


Ah, this one (w/o underscore):

Please let us know what rank you probably are then we can change it — creating another account with same ranking won’t help much :wink:


Hi akihibo_shishika. Are you referring to player, by chance? If so, I notice your recent wins against 14k and 18k players were in unranked games. You should be aware that only ranked games (that is, checking the “ranked” box in the challenge menu) are applied toward your site statistics and affect your rating history.

Having defeated two 14k players, I agree that your rating of 25k is an inaccurate reflection of your level and I raised both accounts to 18k. If that is still off the mark, please let me know and I will apply further corrections.

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thank you I’m sort of new

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