Beating people that are new

Begginers, beating them gives you some feeling…>:3 The power has gotten to my head, more on this later regtrhyjthfgdghnhmjgfdghngfd Good day to you :3

welcome to go

Who me? I’ve been here about a year and a half I’ll have you know >:3

nice, you should play more!! you can limit the levels of k that can accept your challenges with restrict rank, playing lower ranks can teach one lots!

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Well, I had left for a while there, so my games might be a bit dusty, but I came back

Beating beginners is easy :roll_eyes: Engineering a game against a beginner to win by exactly 0.5 points takes much more skill :sunglasses: You should try that. It will be much more enjoyable for both of you :wink:


Thanks for the tip, I’ll put it to use one day :3

There are much greater pleasure as beating beginners and i hope you will discover them as quick as possible.
When you will get stronger you may focuse on help them to play better as beating a beginner is something far too easy to still be enjoyable.