Been playing go a couple of weeks, can someone review this game for me?

My games seem to fall into this pattern, where my opponent takes huge territory and it always seems too late to invade.

I wrote a review.

I am only a 17ish Kyu and I kinda brushed through it, but I hope the meager advice can help.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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I was actually watching the review as you were writing it, was incredibly useful. Overall, from your comments and the variations you showed, it seems I am too cautious in applying unnecessary fixes and backing off from my opponent too much.

Thanks you, this will help a great deal

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Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

On move 21 the connection you made was not necessary because the point was already protected by a tigers mouth shape. I haven’t looked much further than that. I would suggest you go to YouTube and search for dsaun shape lecture.


True, I forgot about that.

Yeah, the first in a pattern throughout this game. I remember thinking if I get short of liberties I can connect there, then I did it when I lost a liberty. Too early

Everyone made good comments already. I wanted to make a review from the perspective of territory since you asked about it.


All of those moves you put up look so obvious once I see them on the board…
This will be very useful for me, thanks!

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