Been reported, did I do something wrong?

Earlier this month I resigned about 20 games because I had too many and was getting sick of playing go, wanted a break. This obviously dropped my rank significantly. I just won a game and my opponent has said they have reported me for not being 25k.
Did I do something wrong? How should I have handled having more games than I wanted to play (unexpected 2nd and 3rd rounds of tournaments and ladder challenges was the reason)?

I just recently did the same thing as you. I wouldn’t worry about it. Your opponent probably suspected that you may be a sandbagger, but if what you say is true the mods should find this too and I expect no negative repercussions will come of it.


Hope so, all in my graph anyway

well, some people do what you describe on purpose to keep their rank low in order to bully weaker players… that is called sandbagging. It is bad to have many sandbaggers in a ranking system, and its a drag to play them, especially when the sandbagging is accompanied by rudeness :slight_smile:. that should explain the reaction you got, not saying you are guilty of that!

as for what you should have done… i guess there is no alternative to taking some time off when you re sick of playing :slight_smile: did you use your vacation time before resigning all those games?

One thing I would advise is, where possible, play players between your current rank and your old rank until you catch back up (probably avoid playing 25k players entirely)

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this was a rd 3 tournament game and he was 13k, stronger than my original rank.


I agree with BHyden: it seems like “the right thing to do”.

If you got overcommitted, vacation may not even be the answer, because you still have that weight of a large number of games hanging over your head at the end.

It’s also OK for someone to flag a sandbagger.

We hope that the mods can tell the difference. One thing is that you don’t get to do this twice without serious questions being asked… if you’re on “the first time”, then it seems a no brainer to see that it was legit.

(Note that an unscrupulous alternative would have been to just let them all time out. In this way, the overloaded person would suffer only one rank drop, not appear like a sandbagger and would deprive all the opponents of the rank recognition of their victory. Resigning if you can’t finish is by far the more honourable thing)


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