Beginer in trouble

Hey guys, I’m a begginer in GO. I love it since the start, but I feel I’m not improving my skills ¿It is common? ¿Have I to be more patient?
I’ve done many problems and understand them, but I’m not able to apply in the game.
I’d be truly appreciative if it was posible to have a kind of teacher or just someone who after play could repass the game with me.
Thankyou very much and nice play to everybody!! :smile:

You can shoot me a correspondence game if you want. I’d be happy to play a few games. :smiley:

It is a very open question. People learn at different speeds, and in different ways. How long have u been playing and how many games. Sometimes you learn concepts but there is a delay before you can incorporate it in a game.

I would be happy to play and review a few simple things from limited knowledge. Perhaps a Malkovitch game would be best.

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