Beginner looks out for a 19x19 correspondence game + Review Request(~20kyu)

Hello everybody!

I’m new to this forum and quite new to Go.

To speed up the learning curve a bit I’m searching someone who is willing to play a 19x19 correspondence game with me but in a slightly faster speed. Hopefully my new found teacher will tell me something about the motives to play “key”-stones and I will give away my amateur thoughts about the reasons I played my stones. With the feedback on my worst mistakes hopefully enlightenment will strike me then.

I started to play ~ 2 weeks ago. To give you an idea of my actual Go-skill:

  • Actual server rating <= 20k
  • I did quite a few non-handicap 13x13s where I tried to get a feel for the game and some simple techniques. Sometimes not caring if winning or not, just trying out something new. Usually I loose playing someone >~ 18k and I lost a over proportional number of games playing 25k’s (I got the feeling, that a couple of the 25k accounts are highly skilled submarines looking out for an easy prey, hehe).
  • Against the GnuGo engine I played a couple of games and I was once able to beat it in simplest mode with 9 stones handicap. All the other games I got crushed by the computer player.
  • Some 9x9s for doodling away but they are not my cup of tea. To me those games are lacking the epic, bigger scale of strategy.
  • At the moment I play a 19x19 with someone I got to know here at OGS ( ). Please, don’t spoiler anything to us, we are having a very nice, nearly even fight, which I’m probably going to lose. :wink:
  • Did some reading and some puzzles, but grey is all theory. I’m more the practical, hands on type.
  • While playing I got the strong feeling that I’m lacking nearly any attacking skills and a lot more I cannot even name yet. Hence the wish for a teaching game

Hence I noticed in my actual 19x19 game that I need quite a bit of time to re-emerge into the game, when a few hours or more time passed between the moves, something like playing for an hour or a bit more then postponing to another session would be ideal but not a must be.

My time zone is GMT +1, but usually I stay up late. My native language is German. Picked up some bits and pieces in Spanish but not enough for an educational conversation.

Up front a big thank you to everyone who is going to contact me offering a teaching session.

EDIT: Erased my misunderstanding of Malkovich-style-games

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Sure, I’d be happy to play a quick correspondence, Malkovich-style game. I like teaching games where both parties are actively discussing the games.

Feel free to send me a challenge with your preferred time settings.

If you generally wish for faster games Fast Correspondence group is recommended.

Hmm, so I’m not sure Malkovich-style would work. Because in Malkovich games you can see opponent’s thoughts only at the end of the game, if you really meant Malkovich.

We can just play a game with free discussion at any point. So you can correct your play during the game.

Or! Alternatively we could find you an equal opponent, you both play and put thoughts in Malkovich log while I’ll be commentating from the sideline. In this case you’ll see feedback only at the end of the game.

I meant the latter version with open comments during the game. I had a misunderstanding of Malcovich-style. I corrected my opening article accordingly.

Great idea. I will ask Tobi (my actual sparring partner) to do that for our re-match.

@ yebellz : challenge is sent

That sound super interesting! would you mind posting the link if it happens to see how it worked out?

As always I too am happy to play, although you seem to have enough responds already :smiley: so maybe later to change things up, feel free to send me a corr challenge

Thanks a lot for the offer.

Yes, there is no sense in locking the link up in a dark cupboard, is there.

We just finished our first game. It was only 1,5 points difference in the end and it cost us a lot of time. So it might take a bit of time till the rematch, because we need some resting after that struggle. :wink:

Please, do me a favour and just contact me in a week or so, if you do not hear anything from me. Sometimes I just forget tasks with no ill intention.

Hey, I would be happy to help out in anyway possibly. I’m only about 9-7kyu. but I would gladly give you any advice or feedback I can, and talk about ideas during the game

request a 19-19 correspondence game!

Hi, in case you haven’t enough offers yet, you can send me a challenge as well. I’m German. My 19x19 rank is ≈ 17k.

Thank you very much for the overwhelming support. Right now I’m in two teaching games already. One more and my brain will burst. :sunglasses:

In the near future I’ll get back to your offers.


TobiH and me started a game where we make use of the Malkovich box to note down what we as beginners (both of us have roughly a month’s experience) think while making our moves.

Allthough in the ingame comments box a bit of the bantering and the greetings are in German we stick to English in the Malkovich box so it should be readable and understandable.

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Forgot the link to the game: