Beijing Weiqi shops

Hello, I’m going to Beijing the next week. I have a limited time, and I want to visit some Weiqi shops. I want to buy some stones and some non-standard equipment for beginners (like, but I can’t find addresses. Does anyone know where to find the list/addresses of Weiqi shops?

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Hey Mihajlo,

Not sure if you’ve seen this already - if so, pardon me for the repost from r/baduk:

Check out 天地间 (Tiandijian) which sells books, boards, stones and even has a salon for playing. Take subway Line 7 to Qiaowan - it’s pretty close to Exit B.

If you need the street address: 珠市口东大街5-10

There aren’t a whole lot of nice Go shops in Beijing actually, due to the fact that it has become more and more of a high-end niche activity, even in China.

BTW, if you are going to the Go Congress in Shandong, perhaps I’ll see you there :smile:


Hi Stephen,

Yes, I see trading with Go equipment is mostly done online these days. It’s nearly impossible for non-residents to buy something unusual ( like this and ).

See you in Rizhao :smiley: