Bent Four Seki - What could I have done to kill?

So I played a game, got a bit intense, but ultimately I won. But something that I couldn’t solve was a group in the corner that I turned into a Seki from a 3-3 Invasion. My question would be: What could I have done to avoid that Seki and kill that group (Yes I wanted to win more!), but also because it wasn’t the first time I managed that whole shape.

If anyone can share a setup to avoid it in the future and kill it.

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White played an unreasonable move (123) , normally white would just connect at R18.

I think simply atari at Q19 forces a ko (white can’t connect otherwise S16 kills).

I can’t see a way to kill directly, since there is quite a lot of space in the corner to begin with, although perhaps a stronger player can comment. But black can be satisfied with the amount of influence he gets after the invasion, compared to the few points of territory that white gets.

Why the idea that you could have killed it? If you start with hoshi, another move almost never secures the corner, especially the 3 space extension. The result wasn’t a joseki, but was rather normal in the end. Being almost an SKD you should now it.

Unless you are just bragging about the win with seemingly stronger player, then it’s fine.

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Long story short, White’s not to expected to die when invading a hoshi & ogeima shimari that has no other supporting stones around it. There’s not even meant to be a ko. I had a look and posted a var, but I don’t think you could have forced anything there.


That doesn’t sound right. White can safely connect and save the corner.

The page on this invasion at sensei’s library:

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I thik you did the best you could.
Starting from move 243 and looking at the corner as a tsumego:

  • S19 threatens a snapback and R18 secures the two stones on the left
  • T17 atari and T18 seki
    is the best result I can see. White isn’t dead, but makes no points. Not bad: six point less for white, one point for black. It’s more than komi… oops! It’s a handicap game! :slight_smile: