Best way to roll back activity

With this virus though I technically have more time with my wife around and not working I actually have a lot less time. So much so that I am not watching my (one a day practically) go casts online or getting any time to play.

So I was wondering what the best way to mothball things so that when I get spare time after the virus I can re-start the game with minimal pain. Currently I forsee re-starting and getting thrashed a lot which I suspect will cause me to lose faith.


I think it’s okay to forget and relearn whenever. As a bonus, it might be a way of breaking through a skill plateau if you had reached one.


I think I’m in a similar position and will need to pause Go for a bit. I had a 15 to 20 year break previously and when I started again it mostly came back pretty quickly and I improved on my previous level after not too long. Therefore if be hopeful that if you suffer a little slippage in actual rating it would only be very temporary and more a sign of getting the wheels turning again rather than an actual loss of ability.