"Best Way To Study" Experiment - [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

Okay, I’ll bite.

Sydney.tinker, 1325±155, 17k (inflated due to ranked games against friends), can give it an hour most days, willing to share age


I’m interested in this though until the end of May I have exams, so I wouldn’t be able to start until after then. From than point onwards though I will be able to do this every day.

Username: Kodey
Rating: 1295 ± 114
Rank: 16.8k ± 2.6
I am willing to spend around 1 hour a day on this. I would be happy to do more sometimes but not regularly
I am willing to send you my age

I assume you will give us more details for what we need to do when we start.


Interested as well.

Username: Matrod
Rating: 1226 ± 105
Rank: 18.6k ± 2.6

It should be possible to study at least 1 hour per day.

Let us know what needs to be done to get started.


Hi there, count me in!

my current stats:
1399 ± 72
14.4k ± 1.6
age: yes

study: <1hr per day


alright, let’s give this a shot

Name: AlexTFenris
Rating: 1138±102
Rank: ~21-19kyu
Hours: most days 1-2 hours
Age: will provide privately, yes

Full time job and the toxic work enviroment is stressing me pretty much lately, so I hope I can keep up a Go training schedule for the duration. Mental fatigue is an issue for me, I’m afraid. But once I can bring up the discipline needed, I am confident I can pull this one off.


I recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with memorizing a pro game. To that end, I recorded myself memorizing a game yesterday. It took about 40 minutes starting from 1h15m into this video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/260323908 . Expect that memorizing your first game will take longer than that.

You can get many, many pro game records here: http://gokifu.com/ . Pick one at random or a game by a player you like.

First, open a game in your favourite SGF editor. Flip through the game casually, then look closely at the first batch of moves. For beginners, I recommend 5-10 moves at a time. Replay them. Once your move creates a branch, you know you’ve made a mistake. Go back, re-memorize, repeat.

You don’t have to memorize an entire game, either. Usually 100 moves should already give you a good intuitive impression of common opening strategies and a little bit of middle game fighting tactics.

For bonus points, replay the game on a real board now, but rotated by 90 degrees.

Let me know if you’re having any trouble.


I can participate if you want seems like it’ll be fun, I just started playing.
Username: pillowfighter007
rating: 1061 ± 82
rank: 23.1k ± 2.3
I can play for 1-2 hours/day
Age: Time is an illusion (lol joking I don’t mind).



What if one can’t even remember his own moves in a game that just ended? :crazy_face:

If you practice memorization, you will be able to replay your own games from memory.

I played a club (or should I say mensa) game in 2007-2008 (having played for about 2 years), got home and recorded the whole thing because I played what felt like 20 tesuji in a row to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat (I played an EGF 1k) and was proud af. I usually can’t replay online games because I put little effort in them, but the more effort you do put in, the better you will be able to recall them. Add in some practice, and voila.


I am happy to become a dot in your graphs too… :smiley:

Username: korni
rating: 1290 ± 72
rank: 17.0k ± 1.7
I can play for 1-2 hours/day
Age: Sure…

I’ve seen the post about memorising a pro game. Will also wait for your PM with the instructions. Cheers.


Is it okay to memorize (really) old games or should I specifically try to memorize a more modern game?

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Old games would mean old style too. Go tactics do tend to change over time, so maybe you might be better off to memorize the “newer style of play” from pros.

Well you might not necessarily want to memorize games from the 1600s considering play has evolved a lot since then, but anything shusaku+ is fair.

It would certainly be easier to do these older games, considering modern play is heavily fight-focused. But you can never go wrong with Shusaku, Go Seigen, Kitani Minoru, Takagawa Kaku, Sakata Eio, Ishida Yoshio, Cho Chikun, Lee ChangHo…


Alright, I can work with that. Thanks for the reply! Time to study :slight_smile:

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Hey Smurph, how many more are we looking at to recruit? I’m just curious… btw memorizing is hard ugh

According to the OP I think smurph is looking for another 12 participants.

Oh, about 12 more (keeping track of the count in 1st post). Yes, everything you need to do to improve quickly requires a lot of mental effort.

I was pleased to find that memorizing a pro game wasn’t nearly as hard as I’d thought it would be. I picked Lee Sedol’s fourth game vs. AlphaGo from their original series in 2016. I was able to commit the first 60 moves to memory with only about an hour or so investment. I then wasn’t able to touch it for two days, and just now made only two mistakes replaying them from scratch, which I’m pretty proud of given my (at least self-perceived) poor memory. I’ll keep going to at least the one hundredth move as you’ve prescribed, I just wanted to share my progress.

Come on, man! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:



Well done! Yes, it isn’t easy, but it’s also not as hard as it seems before you’ve even tried it. Thanks for the feedback, I’m sure it will encourage others who haven’t yet given it a shot.


for those looking to find games to memorize, http://ps.waltheri.net is a pretty great resource :slight_smile: