Bewildered by tournaments

Memorial weekend tournament.

Group Kyu Level Study Group DirectorPlatitude (12k)RulesJapanese HandicapAutoBoard Size19x19Time ControlSimple:  3 minutes per move.Minimum Rank30 KyuMaximum Rank1 KyuTournament TypeMcMahon    Tournament started on: 2014-05-23

My first game is against an opponent 9 stones stronger than me, but my handicap is 1 stone.  Why is that?

It looks like I might be the only player online for this one.

To follow up, Platitude just explained that the tournament started early by mistake. I would still like to understand the handicap question.

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Just to add on, I really did not understand the structure of the tournaments, as I couldn’t find a good description of how these things work. I thought that the games wouldn’t start just like they did, but instead started when both players were online at the same time, and challenged each other.

It would be great if it worked that way, and the players had a certain period of time (a week?) to get together and play the game.

Either that, or the tournament has specific, published hours.

That is very odd. We’ll be looking into that, that should have certainly been 9 stones and the other games should have been handicaps as well.

So I’m thinking of trying this tournament thing myself. Would it be possible to set up a live tournament and start each round on Saturday morning at 10 Mountain time, for example?

Not yet, that kind of thing is coming in the version after this major update we’re doing though!

Does the tournament director control when the rounds start? Could she make it happen as I described?