Big Notification problems

I recently started playing huge amount of correspondence games.
Now the white box that should show number of games where it is my turn to play is not working correctly. I have around 35 games in my profile page that show that it is my turn to move but they are not showing in the white move notification box or do they come up automatically when I make moves.
Weird thing is that I am using chrome “create application shortcuts” for my page. So it is always on it’s own window. Currently that window shows 3 games where it’s my turn to move but my other browser window shows just 1. I just closed the chat window and opened it again and now both show 1 game is waiting for my move.
I am using 361 periods of 1 day byo-yomi counting so it’s not an urgent matter for me but some others might lose games because of this.

Another thing is that I seem to get normal notifications in the blue notification box whenever my challenges are accepted or a game ends. I have turned notifications OFF in the settings. I have toggled them a few times and I cannot see any difference in the workings of notifications.

Last night I also got 20 emails from OGS to notify me that it’s my turn to move. I can’t find a place in the settings to disable those emails. In my memory there was a settings before but it might have been lost during 4.0 stuff.

Last checkbox in the “Notification Preferences” section of settings

(Re the real problem, it’s been noted, we’re working on a fix)

Hmm ok it just says “My turn to move” nothing about email :slight_smile:

Currently there are 68 games that don’t give me the white move notification box. I think it’s going up as I open new challenges.
Also If a new game that has just been started doesn’t make the move notification then I only have 3 days to notice it before the game gets annulled.

Ah hah! Thank you for mentioning you were seeing it going up as you opened new challenges (and presumably got new games) - I think I know exactly where this problem is coming from now. I’m working on a fix now and will have it up before too long.

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Hmm I just got hammered (in a positive way) of 78 notifications :slight_smile: I assume you did some magic.
The thing is that I then middle clicked the notification from my chat window (I use chromes application shortcut) so it opened the game in a new tab in my browser. Then I did some moves for maybe around 3 games. Now I noticed that I only have 48 notifications in the new tab and 75 (78-3) notifications in my separate chat window. I then reloaded the chat window and the notification count dropped to 48.

Yep, i had rebuilt the list before it dawned on me what the problem was - I just fixed it for ya for real I think (and rebuilt that list again so now you should be good to go :slight_smile: )

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Aah. Yes. It works! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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