Blank board on iPhone

While playing on my iPhone I frequently get a blank board, no stones, and no markings at all. I play about 100+ correspondence games at a times after about 15-20 moves on separate games I see the blank screen. It occurs on both my safari and chrome browser.

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So nothing, no one cares?

Hi @AJGibson,

I think I see the issue here, it’s not clear to me how to work around the safari bug that’s causing this but I’m working on it.

Generally speaking, the Forums is a very helpful community. What probably happened is that your topic got quickly buried (pushed down the list) due to high activity in other topics. Since many people do not read deeply into the list, it therefore drew no comments. In addition, those people who may have seen it probably had no useful recommendation. As it happens, I don’t remember seeing your topic, or even your second post, so they probably got pushed down very quickly. Had I seen them, I would have called anoek’s attention to it.


I have a question,
how long does it typically take for the OGS to validate my email?

In the future please start a new thread for a different topic. The answer is as soon as you click the validation link, if you don’t see your email, check your spam folder.

@AJGibson I believe this issue should be resolved, I would love to know either way if you run into the issue or not though as I was never able to reproduce it myself (but I do think I know what was going on and I think it’s resolved)