Blitz Bugs

Game with Blitz/ Absolute time setting with 1 minute total time.

Site thinks it is Correspondence game. It had “submit move” button.

Also in Absolute: there are 30-55 seconds options that doesn’t work. It is absurd option for ranked game, but on small board it would be fun.

In Byo-Yomi 1-2 seconds time per period doesn’t work. I really want to play with 100 1 second periods option.
Also 15 seconds option is in Live, but it counts to Blitz rating.

In Fischer time increment 1-2 seconds doesn’t work.

In Simple with 10 seconds option it displays 22 seconds and when 12 seconds left you lost.

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Hah that’s funny, in pretty sure I know what’s causing that… Thanks for bringing all these cases to our attention, I’ll get them fixed up :slight_smile: