Blitz game showing in 'Long Games'

Second time I’ve seen this.


Easy to recreate with this:

Interestingly, when you go to create another game afterwards it shows correspondence instead of remembering the last set up as per normal.

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That’s because 0 average time per move is used to denote games with no time limit. So when games with small absolute time created, their average time per move is so small, it gets rounded down to 0, and system thinks it’s “no time limit” game, which is correspondence. I’d credit whoever figured it out, but I forgot.


Wow! Full marks to whoever it was that figured that out and half marks to you for remembering. :wink:

The bug occurs with any absolute time <= 1min20sec. Board size makes no difference.

As a short-term immediate fix I would simply change the minimum absolute time for games to 90seconds. I don’t normally play blitz so happy to hear from someone that does.

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