Board preview under "Home"

The preview for games is gone under the “Home” tab now it just lists the games instead of showing the board. As someone who plays a lot of correspondence games, it makes it very annoying to have to guess which game is which. I know this is a minor annoyance, but the old version with the board preview was much bettter, UI wise.

I think this depends on the number of games you have open. There is a setting Gaame thumbnail list threshold, that supposedly steers this. (I haven’t tried though.)

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Click on the ogs logo in the top left corner, this opens the menu. Near the bottom, click on settings. Near the top you’ll find Game Thumbnail List Threshold. It can be increased all the way up to 200.

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What @richyfourtytwo and @BHydden say.

And to make it even easier:

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