Books about philosophy and go?

I’m looking for Go books with similar content to this page. Any and all suggestions are very welcome.

Write one.

Not directly about Go, but since the SL page you linked to mentions Master Sun’s “Art of War”, the Thirty-Six Strategems may also be of interest? (just added this to the page you linked to ;-))

A few of these have been “ported” over to Go as Go proverbs, maybe most notably Make a Feint to the East while Attacking in the West.

<edit> I should stop linking to SL since every time I do I find myself editing pages :smiley: </edit>

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I actually was considering this. I’m hardly of a level yet to make any kind of significant contribution to the world of Go writing, but as an interesting project (perhaps as a side project tieing into some ind humanities degree at uni - as I would like to do philosophy or similar) I thought I would be good.

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You don’t need to be a technical expert at the game to philosophize about it? You do need to understand the flow of the game, tactics, life and death and territory and the power of influence even if you get your ass kicked all the time. Michael Phelps coach is not Michael Phelps. The coach has a deep understanding of what needs to be done even if he cannot do it himself.

Do you have a lot of life experience?

LOL, they will fersure gain some in the process :wink:

@I_Play_Go: You might also be interested in William Cobb’s Reflections on the Game of Go: The Empty Board (which again, of course, I had to add to the SL page you first linked to :smiley: )

Looks good, just the sort of thing I was after. Thanks

I could try to apply Western/Christian philosophy if interested

Ben Franklin on chess: "The Morals of Chess"


Thanks, this was interesting