Books to get better (i'm 14 kyu)

I want to get better and I thought books would be a good idea. Any recommendations?

I would recommend Toshiro Kageyama - Lessons in the fundamentals of Go.


Lessons in the fundamentals of Go
Attack and Defense
Opening Theory made easy

Rinse and repeat. There are the books I keep on reading. I think i am on my 3rd pass through them and am 5kyu.

(also any life and death + Tesuji problem books you can get your hands on)

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I really like “First Fundamentals” by Robert Jasiek:

(I’m ~9k)

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I’ve seen this referenced a few times recently, are you aware of any free e-book copies? or would I have to buy a physical copy? and if both exist, which do you recommend?

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I don’t know of any free A&D e-books but i haven’t looked either. I have a physical copy and considering how much I got from it, I deffently think it is worth the investment.

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There are no legal free copies. However, if you don’t want to buy a printed copy, I think it’s available electronically through SmartGo.

I’m honestly not sure A&D is right for 15k - the recommendations for Opening Theory Made Easy and First Fundamentals are good, though.

Kageyama is cool and enjoyable, but people’s mileage varies a lot when it comes to immediate usefulness early on.

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Are you saying it’s too advanced or too basic for 15k? (just clarifying)

A&D - I started with it quite recently and its not an easy book deeper-understanding-wise (I am 10k atm)

Lessons in the fundamentals of Go - I second this recommendation strongly, helped me a lot

Just my opinion, but I think it’s a bit advanced. Still good to read and think about, but it builds on things you probably want to work on beforehand.

Not much you study at this point will be wrong, though. We all take our own path, and there is so much to know!

This is, of course, awesome.

I’m working my way through Nick Sibicky and Brady Daniels atm :slight_smile: they’re proving quite helpful.

I never heard of this book but it sounds pretty interesting. Do you think it is also good for low kyu Players?

As someone who was a 14 kyu until reading this book, I wholeheartedly agree.

But you know the author’s name, I assume? He’s German (you also are, right? Ich genieße Milchreis bevorzugt mit Zucker und Zimt :slight_smile: ), and IIRC 4d or something; studied mathematics AFAIK; writes in a very systematic manner, and IIRC he’s also the rules expert for the EGF. His first two or three books were in a quite crude English (but nevertheless valuable information IMO) but this has improved a LOT in the past few years.

And as for your question:[quote=“milchreis, post:12, topic:12550”]
Do you think it is also good for low kyu Players?

Being only ~9k myself, and with you being 3k, I’m afraid I can’t really comment on this. I think I faintly remember some 5k to have said that they liked that book, too, but how about checking out the sample pages (PDF)?

Otherwise maybe you may can find some other books there that could help you better:

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I did learn a lot with “How not to play Go” , Review here

The books that helped me the most when so was a beginner were Jonathan Hop’s series “So You Want to Play Go?”.

The are packed with good information and written in a fun, easy to read, and often humorous style.