"Bot account is unknown to the system"

A moderator has already set the RoyalLeela account to be a bot, and I was able to generate an API key. On the Profile it says AI. However when I use gtp2ogs to connect, I get:

ERROR: Bot account is unknown to the system: RoyalLeela

Any ideas what else to try? I’m running it with

gtp2ogs.js --username RoyalLeela --apikey 7bxxxxx --host=ggs.online-go.com

Do bots need to do anything off of https://online-go.com/developer for a bot account, vs using the apikey from Profile page?

Here’s a similar old thread, he also tried ID # as well as login name but never got it working apparently. :frowning:

Talked to @anoek and decided to move my testing over to beta server instead. Using the --beta flag and the --devel branch of the normal github version of gtp2obs, it connected right up which I could never get to work on the live server regardless of gtp2obs version.

So I’ll leave the mystery of why it wouldn’t connect alone and just move forward on beta server. :slight_smile:

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