Bot connects, but is not listed on Play page

At this point, I have:

  • An account (on that has been converted to a bot account
  • An API key for the bot (retrieved by logging in as bot owner, opening the bot’s profile page, and using the API key generator)
  • The devel branch of gtp2ogs installed

From what I’ve read, when a bot connects, it is listed on the Play page if you click on the Computer option. To test this, I tried running gtp2ogs using tee in place of an actual bot program. My theory was that this would result in gtp2ogs connecting with OGS, my bot being shown on the list of playable bots, and incoming GTP commands being echoed to the terminal.

What actually happened was that a) the bot was not listed on the Play -> Computer page, but (b) much to my surprise, when I attempted to friend my bot, it automatically accepted the friend request, the bot user was listed as active in my friend’s list, and gtp2ogs confirmed the activity with some output!

$ gtp2ogs -d --persist --beta --botid kifu --apikey <key> -- tee ./out
  gtp2ogs.js:1570                #  Connecting to
  gtp2ogs.js:1570                #  Connected
  gtp2ogs.js:1570                #  Bot is user id: 697
  gtp2ogs.js:1140                Friend request from  yomi
  gtp2ogs.js:1367                POST 443 /api/v1/me/friends/invitations { from_user: 692,
  apikey: '<key>',
  bot_id: 697,
  player_id: 697,
  jwt: '...' }
  gtp2ogs.js:1570                #  {"success":"Friend request accepted"}

So, does anyone know why my bot isn’t listed? Is OGS waiting for my application to send a special command to OGS to indicate that it is ready to receive games? I thought that the act of connecting would signal to OGS that it was ready to receive challenges.

Appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi @roy7 :wave:, from your forum posts it looks like you’ve gotten pretty far with getting your bot to work. I was wondering if this is something that you saw along the way?

While the bot is not listed under Play -> Computer, it does look like I’m able to challenge my bot to a game (using my owner account).

Yes simply connecting should have it appear in the drop down list. Maybe it’s an issue with the beta sever, I’m not sure.

Perhaps try --rejectnew if you aren’t ready to accept public matches and have it connect to the real server instead of beta server. See if it appears in the drop down list there.

You may end up needing to post an issue to the github, why the server is allowing your bot connect but doesn’t appear on the Vs Computer drop down list would be outside of what I could debug/fix. :slight_smile:

Awesome, really appreciate the help. Filed Like your suggestion about trying to get the bot to connect on the main site with --rejectnew, will give that a try. Thank you, again!

Akita pushed a fix for this tonight. My bot is now listed! (Closed out #566)

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