Bot Doesn't Accept Stone Removal In Stone Removal Phase (Kugutsu)


I played the bot Kugutsu several times.

Whenever it’s at the Stone Removal Phase, I accepted the stone removal, but the bot doesn’t accept. Is this normal? For all those bot games, I just leave the game and wait it to timeout. Not sure if that’s what I’m suppose to do.


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Hello @sclim, I have taken liberty to change the topic title in order to make it clearer, is that okay?

The original was this:[quote]Suppose to let it timeout during Stone Removal Phase when playing with bots (Kugutsu)?[/quote]

Since I’m not familiar with the bots here I’ll have to leave it to the colleagues to answer your question resp. address your problem. I think @crocrobot is our expert on this.


It’s an OGS bug at the moment that stone removal is even happening. Bot games are supposed to be auto scored by the server and auto accepted. No manual scoring work needed, since many bots don’t really do specific scoring actions.

Hopefully that clears up sometime soon so bot games will get back to an immediate final score when the game ends. :slight_smile: Also avoids temptation for people to cheat.

That’s an anomaly started to appear in February when ogs ver.5 was rolled out. I have mentioned this to anoek, but bots are accepting, and the server is somehow unable to recognize it. Hope this is in ogs “to do” list.

I had the same issue. Just called moderator (there is such item in the game menu) and he/she resolved this.