Bot scoring errors

I wonder if there is anything that can be done if the bot fails to correctly assess the life-death status of groups at the end of the game.

For instance in this game:

I won the game, but I should have lost it, because my top left black group is dead, and at the end of the game I have no chance to mark it as dead.

Is this an error of the bot failing to correctly identify dead groups or is this an error of the scoring system that doesn’t allow players to dispute the life-death status of groups?

Kind regards and thanks in advance for feedback, Niek


Bot’s aren’t able to participate in discussions about life and death, so the system uses the score estimator to score bot games.

But it is far from perfect.

A technique to get less wrong outcomes is to check the score with the score estimator before passing. Then you can see if its getting it wrong and usually play more stones to clarify life and death status.

This will often help but not every time.

You can report wrongly scored bot games and we will annull them.

A new scoring system is on the way, which will make this a thing of the past (hopefully).


Ok, thanks.
I think I recall from KGS that if you play bots there, at least you have a chance to press undo at the scoring phase (in ranked games) so you can get back to the game and then if the bot incorrectly identified a group as being alive, you can still play to actually kill the group to demonstrate it’s really dead.