Bot Timeout wins not being used in rank calculation

Platey Deek1618

I just started playing again last week and I wanted to get a non-provisional rank with bots before playing people, but my two wins against amybot-DDK are not being used in my rank calculation.

I imagine this is due to the bot timing out both times, but I’m hoping this win condition can be edited by an admin or something.

When you look at the score estimate it still shows me winning by score, so it just feel like only losses count because the bot bugged out or something.

I have commented in the game chat and requested moderators (not sure if this is even under their purview), but have not seen any feedback so far.


We got your report, assessed it and referred it to the developer.

It’s perfectly fine to post it here as welll, however, to help find out if other people have the problem and to alert the community to it.

Hopefully it is a fairly rare thing anyhow - I’m not sure why we would routinely have bots timing out.


I thought of a reason why it may be deliberate that bot timeouts don’t rank: the only “good” reason for a bot timeout would appear to be a technical error.

It would distort ranking if a person were able to be credited with a victory against a bot because the bot glitched.

A “bad” reason for a bot to timeout is if you trick it into time settings that it can’t respond with. If that were possible, sure enough people would start abusing it by doing that all the time. Once again, a simple solution is to have bot timeouts be not ranked.

So I’m starting to think this is : yep, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


Yes, I had the same thing happen. One time, it timed out early in the game, but the second time it was at the end and I had clearly beaten it on points.

it did it again today, Amybot-ddk. It seems to timeout rather than pass.

I wonder if this is related to the current server issues: OGS is borking again
Specifically, how often will a bot keep trying to submit its move and how frequently?