Bots not moving - GnuGo-v3.8 and noob-bot-?

There are some games bot not move,

I’ve try my bot play with it, but no any message sent from the server, is there some bug on server?

Hi .Bots in OGS are run my different people.You can see the admin of the bot in the profile and the contact him.


This is not only one
This 2 guys play with any bot, the bot will not retrieves any game data, so it not move.

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That doesn’t change the fact that these bots aren’t run by OGS - they’re run by people running bots on their own computers. You’d need to report issues to the bot’s owners.

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No, the fact is OGS has issues, not bot

The owners ofGnuGo-v3.8 and noob-bot- have reported issues that they believe related to OGS, and their affected bots are not playing at the moment.

This is in the queue to be looked at.

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@anoek I heard from the owners of the bots that they are "not receiving game data after an 7/28 update. "


[23:45] noob_bot_3: hey, 2 hours ago OGS has an update, then found a new bug

[23:45] noob_bot_3: server always sent me a game 25884519

[23:45] noob_bot_3: but this game looks private

[23:47] noob_bot_3: this cause my bot try it again and again


[0:24] noob_bot_3: and I unable to view this game

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I believe this issue is resolved now

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